7-day trials

Prevue offers a 7-day free trial for all new signups, no credit card required, and no obligation to subscribe. Just sign up and give Prevue a try.

In your trial period, all accounts will get space for 500 image uploads, 50 projects and the ability to have 4 team members contributing to an account — perfect for freelancers and agencies alike.

During your trial

Trial accounts can do everything that upgraded plans can, there are no feature restrictions. The notice in the sidebar of your account will show you how much time you've got left in your trial, you'll also get an email reminder too. Upgrading at any point within your trial period will instantly remove all trial periods and restrictions — you can do so from Your Subscription page.

After your trial

When you trial ends, you'll still be able to log into your account — but you will not be able to perform any image or project actions (you can still edit and delete your personal settings). Similarly, your projects and images will be suspended from public viewing. You can subscribe to an upgraded plan at any point after your trial has ended, and all restrictions will be instantly removed, and all public links will become active.

Lapsed subscriptions

If you have previously been on a subscription and returned to a free account, you will not be subject to any time limits. As thanks for paying for Prevue, your account and public links will be kept open forever — the only restriction will be that you will be limited to 30 image uploads, 2 projects, and 1 team member.

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