What happens when a plan expires?

When a subscription comes to an end, your account will automatically return to a Basic (Free) Plan. This is the case where a monthly subscription is cancelled, a payment fails, or a yearly subscription (no longer available) ends. At this point you will be able to upgrade to a monthly subscription, or remain on a Free Plan.

Unlike trial accounts, your account will not be closed. All images, projects and comments will remain available and publicly accessible. Nothing will change except your limits. Phew!

Basic (Free) Plan limits

If you decide not to choose a new monthly subscription, your account will be subject to the following limits:

Images: 30
Projects: 2
Clients: Unlimited
Team members: 1 (Administrator)

An example

Let's say you had 30 projects, 100 images and 3 team members when your annual subscription ended. Since you will be in excess of the Basic Plan limits (above), your projects and images will remain publicly accessible and fully functional, but you'll be prevented from adding any more. As for your team, you'll retain access to your account (as an administrator), though your additional team members will be temporarily suspended (read more).

If you choose a new monthly subscription, any limits will be immediately removed.

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