Account limits

All of Prevue's functionality is available to everyone, regardless of what plan they choose. So whether you're on a free trial, or are part of a multi-person team — Prevue works the same for everyone.

Pricing plans are instead differentiated by limits, and are defined by the number of images, projects and team members you create — which vary from plan to plan. If you're unsure of your plan, or the limits on your account — check out  Your Account or Account Usage.

Image limits

The number of images you're allowed on your current subscription varies from 100 (Freelance Plan) to Unlimited (Agency) — and this limit is based on the number of images you have in your account  right now. If you delete an image, it will be removed from your quota — similarly, if you replace an existing image, it won't affect your limit.

But don't worry, if you're getting close to, or exceed your limit — you'll get plenty of warning in the sidebar of your account:

If you reach your limit, you'll simply be prevented from uploading anything more — this'll have no effect on any other image in your account, and you can free up some space at any time by deleting one or more existing images.

Need to upload more images? Simply upgrade your plan at any time for instant access to unlimited upload space

Project limits

Projects are collections of images that can be shared with clients, and can gather feedback. In a similar fashion to your image limit, you can create anywhere between 10 projects (Freelance Plan) and Unlimited (Agency).

If you have met or exceeded your project limit, you'll see the above modal window when you try and create more. But don't worry, reaching or exceeding your limit has no effect on existing projects. If you remove an existing project, it will be removed from your quota. Empty and archived projects also count towards your limit.

Need to create more projects? Upgrade your plan at any time for additional, or unlimited project limits.

Team limits

Higher plans have the ability to  invite additional people to join and contribute to their account — this is available to Studio and Agency plans. Anyone who has an active login to your account (i.e. anyone whose account has not been disabled) is counted towards your limit, so if you remove someone from your team, you'll free up a spot.

If you're an Agency and want more than 15 team members in your account,  get in touch to arrange a higher limit.

Want to invite your team? Choose a plan with more than one user

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