Public projects

Projects are collections of images that can be shares publicly with clients. Unlike sharing individual images, projects come with some additional features that make organisation and feedback much easier. Here's what you get when you create and share a project...

Easy feedback

By default, all projects allow for public feedback —€” this means that anyone with the URL can add a comment without needing to log in. Any feedback you receive will be listed in the 'Feedback' tab of your project (only viewable when you're logged into your account) —€” you'll also receive a notification email (Read more about notifications).

Visitors will see a comment section as shown above, and will be able to add their feedback. Once someone adds a comment, they will be looped in on notification emails when further feedback is added to the discussion.

If you would prefer not to allow public commenting, you can disable feedback from your Project Settings tab, and toggle the switch seen below:

You can reply to comments from either the public project URL, or from the Feedback tab within your project. From here, you'll also be able to see who will be notified of your response:

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