Uploading a logo

From your Logo Settings, you can add a personal or company logo to your Prevue account. This logo will appear throughout the app, and all projects, groups and emails your client has access to.


To upload a logo, visit your Logo Settings and simply drag a logo file onto the page. If you are part of a team (i.e. on a Freelance or Studio plan), this feature is only visible to the account owner.

For the best results, it's recommended that you upload a logo with a transparent background (.png), or match the background colour of the Prevue interface, #F4F4F5. Logos should be less than 380px in width and height, but will be resized if they're bigger.

Retina friendly logos

If you or your clients use retina devices, such as new Apple screens, or an iPad - you can also make your logo retina friendly by clicking the 'Retina' option presented under your logo.

This will display your logo at half the size, which will mean that it looks crisp on all devices. Below is a comparison of a normal logo (left) and the same image 'Retinized'

Looking good

Your logo is displayed instead of the Prevue logo - which gives your clients a completely branded experience when they browse your work. Your logo is even shown in notification emails sent to your clients and team.

You can delete your logo any time by clicking the Delete button in your Logo settings. This will instantly remove your logo from all pages across the app and future emails. Similarly, you can replace your logo by dragging in a new image file.

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