Sharing projects

Every project you create comes with a public link, which can be shared with anyone - even if they don't have a Prevue account. Just click "Share this project" from the heading area of any project page to share.

From here you can grab the public URL of your project, or email the link directly from your Prevue account.

People who receive your project link via email will see this in their inbox — you can even include an optional message:

What do my clients see?

Public projects look like the example below - they're simple designs that make your images look as good as possible. You can also allow feedback on your projects which allow visitors to comment on your work. Find out more about public projects

Shared projects look great on all devices, including mobile and retina displays, and are optimised to work in all browsers, even the old ones.


Project URL's are randomly generated and aren't easily guessed, so you shouldn't need to worry about people accidentally finding your work. But if you're designing something sensitive, you can always add password protection to any project.

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