Billing FAQ

All Prevue accounts come with the option of upgrading for access to additional features. Upgraded plans offer more upload space, projects and access for your team. Plans can be purchased on a monthly subscription basis, or as a one-off yearly payment.

You can see all available plans by visiting Your Account.


Monthly subscriptions

The easiest way to upgrade your account is to subscribe to a monthly plan. Simply choose the plan that suits you from Your Account and pay using your credit card. You'll be charged immediately for a months' subscription, and an automatic payment will be setup to occur every month thereafter. Your card will be automatically charged, so you never need to worry about invoices.

Monthly billing FAQ:

Will I get a receipt? Yes. When you first subscribe to a monthly plan, you'll immediately receive a receipt via email. You'll also be able to see a copy of all receipts, for all months in Account / Billing.

Can I change my saved card details? Yes, if you have an active subscription simply visit Account / Billing to update your card details. The card details stored here will be used to pay your monthly subscription.

What happens if my card payment fails? If your card gets declined, or payment can't be retrieved for any reason for a monthly subscription —€“ we'll wait 1 business day and try again. If that still doesn't work, we'll get in touch with you via email. During this time you will enter into a grace period, and remain on your existing subscription. If after 3 attempts we still can't retrieve payment, your account will return to the Basic (free) plan, and your subscription will be cancelled.

How do I upgrade to a higher subscription? From your Account, you can choose either a higher plan than your current subscription. If you upgrade to a higher plan, you'll be immediately charged the difference between your current plan and the new one. You will of course be discounted for any time you have remaining on your current plan.

How do I downgrade to a cheaper subscription? From your Account, you can choose a lower plan too. Your card will not be refunded, but you will receive a discount on your next months' subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription? From your Account, simply choose 'Cancel my subscription' from the bottom of the page. Once you have cancelled, your account will run the course of its remaining subscription, and then return to a Basic (free) account. Your account will not be closed, and you won't lose any images.

One-off (yearly) payments

If you would prefer to not subscribe to a recurring monthly plan, you can choose to buy an Annual upgrade instead. Annual upgrades are charged as simple one-off payments, and once processed your card details are not saved or charged again.

Annual billing FAQ:

What happens after 1 year? We'll get in touch via email to let you know that your yearly subscription is ending - at which point you may choose to renew. If your subscription expires, your account will fall back to a Basic (free) plan — your account will not be closed, and you won't lose any images.

General FAQ

Is payment secure? Absolutely. Your entire Prevue account is secured by 128-bit SSL encryption, and no credit card information is stored on our servers. Payments are securely handled by Stripe.

What are the accepted methods of payment? You can make a purchase using a MasterCard, Visa or American Express

What currency is Prevue charged in? All new upgrades are processed in US Dollars ($USD). Subscriptions made before June 2015 will be charged in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and will be clearly denoted in all receipts.

What will appear on my bank statement? You will see PREVUE UPGRADE on your bank statement.

What are the business details for Prevue?
Address: 95 Hastings Parade, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Australia
ABN: 26957307061

Will I get charged GST/VAT/Tax? No. As an online business, Prevue is not required to register for tax. You will never be charged anything more than the invoiced price.

Can I get a refund? Absolutely. If you're not completely satisfied with your upgrade, get in touch within 14 days of upgrading and your card will be refunded in full.

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