Protecting your work

Projects can be protected, which will mean that any public visitors will require a password to access the project, and any images within it. When attempting to access a protected project, visitors will see this:

Once logged in successfully, your clients will see a lock icon indicating that the project is secure. Clicking this lock will log the client out.

Adding protection

Select the relevant toggle from your Project Settings — doing so will present a form to password protect your project. If your project is already protected, selecting this option will reveal a way to remove the password.

You can easily see what's protected in your library by looking for the lock icon, which is presented over any projects and groups that have passwords...

Adding default protection

As an extra security measure, some people prefer to add a password to every project they create. You can take the hard work out of manually setting passwords by setting up a 'Default password' from within your Project Settings. This will automatically lock every project you create with the same, shared password.

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