Advanced project settings

These are properties that are applied to every project you create within your account, and can be found in your settings. These advanced properties give you more control over how you and your visitors interact with your projects. Advanced settings are available in your  Settings.

Image navigation

When you or your visitors view an image in fullscreen view, navigation controls are displayed over the image by default. Using your advanced settings you can customise how these controls are displayed, or hide them completely. You are able to choose from the following:

Always show — Controls are always shown (default)
Fade out — The controls will disappear after 3 seconds of inactivity
None — Controls will be completely hidden

You are also able to change the positioning of the image navigation, and move it from its default position at the top left of the browser.

Protection & Google Analytics

From your advanced settings, you also have the option to protect all new projects with a single password; for example, your studio name. If a default password is set here, any new projects you create will automatically be protected. Should you need to, you can override or disable default protection on a project-by-project basis.

You also have the option to add your own Google Tracking code to every project in your library. This will enable  Google Analytics for all publicly shared projects and images. Simply enter your Tracking ID in the box provided.

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